TR3 Online w/ the TR

$29.99 / month for 3 months and a $189.99 sign-up fee


12 weeks of innovative online workouts with the Total Resistance, designed to help you increase strength and burn fat while building muscle and cardiovascular endurance. TR3 follows the Power, Cardio & Core structure of TR Fit Clubs, that has been proven to work time and time again. Hundreds of members at TR Fit Clubs can attest that the method works for all levels of fitness.


The Total Resistance is a safe, one size fits all harness that adds resistance to common exercises, as well as high performance workouts. The TR assist individuals on staying fit, losing weight, gaining muscle, and rehabilitative purposes. The Total Resistance consists of two ankle braces, which can be worn on the inside or outside of any shoe. It also contains a lightweight, strong and sturdy vest along with 7 sets of single strand bands, 2 per set.


After signing up, you will receive instructions via email to get you started on the TR Fit Club app.


Processing & Shipping: 5-7 Business Days
Backorder Processing & Shipping: 10-14 Business Days


TR Fit Club Order Pick Up Option Available: 

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 8:15 am
10:50 am – 11:10 am
12:55 pm – 1:15 pm
3:45 pm – 3:55 pm

Your order can also be picked up at your scheduled TR Fit Class!


For additional information, please see FAQs.


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This is a three (3) month contract agreement. This contract will expire at the end of the (3) month term unless there is a notification of continuation. The first payment of $189.99 includes The Total Resistance Harness in the color Black.

Cancellation: All requests for cancellation of contracts must be made thirty (30) days in advance of the effective cancellation date to avoid charges on next billing date. *ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE EMAILED to TO BE VALID* If no emailed notice is given, then this agreement is automatically renewed. There are no refunds on cancellations for paid in full membership agreements.

In consideration of my use of the exercise equipment (The Total Resistance™) provided by the company, I expressly agree and contract, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, that the company and its insurers, employees, officers, directors, and associates, shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries (including death) sustained by me, or as a result of the use of the equipment regardless of whether such injuries result, in whole or in part, from the negligence of the company.

By the execution of this agreement, I accept and assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, damages (both economic and non-economic), and losses of any type, which may occur to me or my guest, and I hereby fully and forever release and discharge the company, its insurers, employees, officers, directors, and associates, from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, or causes of action, present or future, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated, or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out the use of said equipment.

I expressly agree to indemnify and hold the company harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, or causes of action, of any person or entity, that may arise from injuries or damages sustained by me.

I agree to be solely responsible for safety and well-being of myself. I agree to comply with all rules imposed by the company regarding the use of the equipment. I agree to conduct myself in a controlled and reasonable manner at all times, and to refrain from using the equipment in a manner inconsistent with its intended design and purpose.

I understand and acknowledge that the use of exercise equipment involves risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death. I understand and agree that the company is not responsible for property that is lost, stolen, or damaged while in, on, or about the premises. I understand and agree that my use of the equipment is only to be undertaken on my own personal time.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

Black, Pink


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