The TR Story

Charlie Todd is from New Castle, Delaware, however he earned his Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts while playing football for Nassau Community College in Long Island, New York. He received a full football scholarship to Ball State University where he cultivated football skills to pursue his dream to play in the NFL. Charlie was fortunate enough to showcase his talents to NFL scouts his senior year, in which they were very fascinated.

In May of 2011, Charlie was in a tragic car accident which caused him to break his fibula and tibia. After surgery and intensive therapy, Charlie was still limited on his leg gesticulation, so he and his brother generated a product that would potentially rehabilitate his leg. This invention was given the name “The Total Resistance.” Through Charlie’s recovery process, he relied on the Total Resistance bands to regain strength and develop full range of motion.

After seeing the results from The Total Resistance bands, Charlie and his brother, Joseph, decided they should share this innovative creation with the world. Charlie worked tirelessly on his prototype and through determination and hard work he was fully recovered; reaping more benefits from the product than he initially imagined. Throughout his minor setback on life, Charlie recognized it would be a process and patience was required of him. He accepted setbacks as challenges, while remaining aware, regardless of the obstacles.

The underlying mission of his vocation is to enrich the lives of others, as well as athletes who have been through a similar experience. Both brothers, who come from a spiritual background, believe everything happens for a reason; understanding that sometimes it takes a storm for God to show the light at the end of the road. Charlie’s accident, while traumatic, was the storm they considered God used to lead them to create The Total Resistance. Charlie and Joseph Todd stand firm on the scripture, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:14-26), and have been fully committed to alternating their creation to make it paramount.

Joseph Todd grew up in New Castle, Delaware, in which he attended Howard High School. While there, he was considered the number one linebacker in the state of Delaware, accomplishing first team all-state two years in a row. To further his education, Joseph attended college at Howard University. While in attendance, he played on the football team and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Administration and Justice. Throughout life, Joseph’s football experiences fueled his desire for health and fitness. However, it was not enough for his long term goal, which is to empower individuals to maximize their full potential through attainable goal setting and accountability with both nutrition and exercise. Joseph has vast experience with all levels – from the beginner to the elite athlete. He is a down to earth, driven, fitness minded professional, whose underlying mission is to help others improve their overall quality of life.