6&1 Challenge


August 30th - November 22nd

Sign-Up Deadline August 25th

This is not a weight loss challenge.
It is a transformation challenge.
BUT it’s the TR way.


The challenge is designed to teach everyone how to properly live a 6&1 lifestyle that will allow you to attain your personal goals.



To win the challenge you will be expected to train, track, and transform.



1st Place Winner $2,000
2nd Place Winner $1,000
3rd Place Winner $500


This is a 3 Month Contract


TR Fit Members $120
Non-Members $150


What They Said

These coaches are amazing. They have such a positive attitude about helping get to your goals. I will continue my journey with them.

D, TR Fit Member

Thank you TR Fit Club for keeping the fire up under my a**!

Britt Challenge Participant

If y’all want results like mine and want to put in the work and trust the process, click the link and sign up.

Andre 1st Place Winner

I was like I’m going to do this challenge for myself but I’m sure I won’t win. I just wanted to become stronger & see everyone else grow as well. I love seeing other people’s results. I’m a 5am crew member so I knew becoming stronger was a no brainer. March I tested positive for COVID. Listen that took me out; I couldn’t workout in the gym for almost 2weeks, but i still maintained. I TRACKED! This has become a lifestyle & my routine.

Arnissa 2nd Place Winner

It is a pleasure to work with the whole staff and coaches. For me, it’s not just a gym, it’s a community of people coming together and pushing each other to be a better version of themselves. What motivates me and keeps me coming back is the genuine love and respect the coaches exhibit daily. Love you all.

Ms. Joy 3rd Place Winner